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Registration of visas, residence permits, assistance with citizenship. Registration of companies. Settlement of disputes with customs authorities, assistance with deportation.
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Residence permit in Ukraine
365 days (renewable up to 3 years)
Foreigners and stateless persons who are legally in Ukraine enjoy the same rights and freedoms, and also bear the same duties as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine.
In order to study and work in Ukraine, to conduct entrepreneurial, scientific, religious and other activities, it is necessary to obtain a temporary residence permit.
Documents required to receive
Residence permit in Ukraine
Identity document
Alien passport or stateless identity document (for some countries, a category D visa is required)
Confirmation of authority of a representative
If the applicant is represented by a third party, it is necessary to provide: a document proving the identity of the legal representative, and a document confirming the credentials of that person.
Passport translation
Translation into Ukrainian of an identity document certified by a notary (in some cases an apostille may be required).
Insurance policy
A valid medical insurance policy with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros.
Grounds for obtaining a residence permit
Documents confirming the existence of grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, drawn up in the manner prescribed by law.
Grounds for obtaining a residence permit
The Law of Ukraine 3773-VI as amended on 08.25.2019 "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" provides 12 possible ways to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine, depending on the purpose of your stay in Ukraine.
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